adult potjie

You or your teams physical participation in this competition shows your tacit acceptance of all the Potjie competition rules as set out below without exception.

You pick one category only; anything that can be made in a Potjie is acceptable.

  • Appetizer

  • Entrée

  • Dessert

  • Bread

Competition Rules

  1. Open to everyone aged 17 or older.

  2. Individual or teams allowed, each team can consist of up to 4 people.

  3. Each participant or team will be allocated an area to utilize.

  4. Participants must provide all their own ingredients for the Potjie.

  5. Participants must provide all their own equipment that is needed to execute the Potjie. Bring your own tables, chairs, gazebo, gas stove, Potjie pot, utensils, coal, wood etc..

  6. Participants must observe proper safety and hygiene practices at all times.

  7. Judging commences at 17h00 on Saturday.

  8. Each entrant must clean their own area, leaving it in the same condition as found. This includes cleaning your own Potjie.

potjie rules

  1. All the Potjies must be prepared from scratch on the day of the competition. Prior marinating of meat / poultry / fish will be allowed.

  2. All entries must be cooked in a traditional cast iron Dutch pot or Potjie.

  3. Potjies can be cooked over wood, coals or gas burners only.

  4. Due to Nut & Shellfish allergies, your entry have to be labelled if it contains or have traces of nuts or shellfish, or have touched any nut or shellfish product (i.e. mussel, shrimp / prawn, lobster etc.).

Judging criteria

  1. Judges will visit all the cooking sites whilst the Potjies are being prepared.

  2. The judges will be scoring the cooking area on the general spirit, originality, preparation techniques and general impressions (cleanliness) and the Potjie on appearance and taste.

  3. Potjies will be judged on the following criteria: Aroma, Color, Taste, Texture, Ingredients, Work area cleanliness and overall Potjieness (see explanation below).

  4. Potjie must be plated and presented by 17h00 at the judges table ready for judging.

  5. Friends and family can then enjoy all Potjies that was entered into the competition after judging.

  6. Judges decision will be final.

  7. Your Potjie will receive an overall number score from 1-10 on the evaluation criteria:

1-2 = Poor

3-4 = Satisfactory

5-6 = Good

7-8 = Very Good

9-10= Excellent

potjie dish criteria


  • Overall flavor, distinctive aromas, pleasant or pungent flavor, distinctive mingled flavors or burning smells, odorless.


  • Natural color, distinctive color of ingredients, varied color, full of interest, attractive,appealing, interesting or lacking character, dull or pale, meat browned.


  • Aromatic or pungent savoring, interesting or piquant quality, slight flavor or suggestion, specified flavor or lacking flavor, amount of spices used – appetizing or bitter, spoiled, bland.



  • Feel or appearance of food, interpretation of meats & vegetables. Still have shape (not mushy, or falling apart), cooked, overcooked or under cooked.

  • Vegetables to be cooked but still to have form.


  • Use of unusual ingredients or cooking techniques. This does not mean if use expensive ingredients you will score more.


Cooking Area:

  • Use of own implements, (pots, knives, chopping boards…), table cleanliness, cleaning up after oneself, hygiene, general spirit in the team, originality, preparation techniques and general impressions.

Adult prizes

  1. The winning individual or team will receive $200 cash, bragging rights for a year and a trophy.

  2. Second place will receive $100 cash.

  3. Third place will receive $50 cash.

  4. Judges decision is final.

kids potjie

Same rules apply to the kids Potjie as with the adults Potjie with the exception of age. Open to everyone aged 16 or younger.

kids prizes

  1. The winning individual or team will receive $100 cash, bragging rights for a year and a trophy.

  2. Second place will receive $50 cash.

  3. Third place will receive $30 cash.

  4. Judges decision is final.

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